An Online Watercolor Course With Structure

Welcome to the online watercolor course that 
re-defines how to learn watercolor. Truly unique and painstakingly designed, Watercolor College is the most complete, logical online watercolor class ever created.   

  • Learn with a Comprehensive Watercolor Class.  Find everything you need to learn about watercolor in one place.
  • Master watercolor with structured lessons from complete beginner to advanced level.
  • Enjoy Over 50 hours of progressive watercolor video lessons and written steps.
  • Say goodby to frustration and learn watercolor with logical, structured lessons that build step-by-step
  • Learn not just the "how", but also the "why" of watercolor.
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Logical, Structured Watercolor Lessons

If you are like many people, you might think that learning watercolor is a frustrating, elusive thing.  Not anymore. Watercolor College was born when the instructor felt that same frustration and decided to make a watercolor course that was logical, structured, and comprehensive.  Over 2 years were spent designing the course so that it would truly teach students not only the techniques of watercolor, but also a true understanding of how watercolor works.   Each lesson is expertly designed to build upon previous lessons in a logical way.  Whether a complete beginner or expert, you will learn everything you need to further your painting with this online watercolor course.
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Testimonials From Real Members

"I have not found any other course- online or in person that offers what your course offers."
"I have made more progress with your class than any other internet based instruction. Job well done!"
" I started thinking nobody can teach watercolor until I found Watercolor College. It is what I have been looking for and needed desperately.  "

Learn Watercolor Progressively, Step-by Step

As you probably know, learning watercolor is often a scattered, arbitrary, and inefficient journey. Watercolor College was designed to specifically fix this problem by providing a course that is sequential, logical, and comprehensive. 

This collage shows how lessons build in the watercolor course.  
  • In the Beginner Module, first you learn to paint a single tree. 
  • Then you learn to paint a tree and a sky.  
  • Next your learn to paint hills and a sky.  
  • Then you paint lots of trees together.  
  • Next up, you paint  trees, sky, and water together. 
  • And later in the Intermediate Module you bring everything together for a larger, more complex watercolor painting!
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Watercolor College Memberships

A membership at Watercolor College allows you unlimited access to over 50 hours of online lessons with the Core Watercolor Course.  Receive unlimited access to every module in the Core Course: Supplies and Best Practices, Beginner Module, Intermediate Module, and Advanced Module. Watch any lesson whenever you want, as many times as you want as long as your membership is active.

See and Hear Everything

In this online watercolor course, you see and hear everything the instructor does on the paper as well as the palette.  You will even hear the exact thinking process of the instructor.  With complete paintings from beginning to end, you will learn how, and more importantly, why the instructor does what he does.  Great care was taken when creating the course to leave nothing unexplained.
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Learn to Paint Anything in Watercolor

Watercolor College is designed to teach you to paint ANYTHING you can see or imagine.  From landscapes, to seascapes, to animals, to still-lifes, to florals.  Learn the techniques and principles behind bringing your ideas to life with watercolor, whether it be from a memory or from a photo.
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Watercolor Lessons For All Levels

The Core Watercolor Course is grouped into 4 modules: Supplies and Best Practices, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.
To learn about the topics and paintings covered in each module, check out the links below:

No Drawing Skills Needed

Drawings are provided for every lesson needed.  Just trace each drawing straight to your paper using the free method taught in the course.
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"What a gem of a program you have here... I feel so fortunate to have found this class- not all are created equal."
"Thank you, Thank you for all you have taught me. These have been the best lessons I have attended."
"I don’t know how you do it but there is something in your course which sets it apart from instruction and results in your students actually learning."

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